Role: UI Designer

Time frame: Feb 2019

Won 1st place in the Open Product Design Competition for developing a product aimed at helping relieve stress felt by students on campus. Makeathon is a 36-hour Prototyping and Design Competition held annually at the University of Michigan 

The Challenge




Schools Represented 




Great Product

The Process


Competitive Analysis



Business Development 


Product Features 

Personal Stress Relief Environment 

Window View of Oasis Settings

Sound proof 

No cell reception

Temperature Controls 

Customizable Sound & Volume Control 

Dimming LED Lights

UV Sanitation Lights 



My role 

I was responsible for the interaction design of the control panel and the large LCD screens within the Happy Pod. Through user research data, we determined that the controllable features within the pod would be the sound, light, temperature, and the calming image displayed on the large LCD screen.  

Design Rationale

 Accessibility from one screen 

Given the context of the environment for the control panel, we wanted to limit the complexity of the screen. We envisioned that many users would only modify the customizable features as they saw necessary. The oasis window is the main focus of our product and the control panel incorporates this by putting this at the center of the interaction. 

Constant View of Time & Temperature

Due to the lack of cell reception within the the Happy Pod, we wanted to provide users with the current time while inside the pod. 

Interaction Features

of Control Panel

Dimmable Light

Type of Sound 

Volume of Sound


Window View

Real Welcome2.png
Window Background_Light.png

The Solution

Over the course of 36 hours we developed a product that took a holistic approach to wellness by creating a customizable, serene environment that would be unique to each user. 

We also incorporated the a business model to our product, that included determining which offices and services on the University of Michigan's campus could sponsor our product. We also determined how information about the pods could be dispersed university-wide.